Friday, August 12, 2011

Liquid Sound

drivin' this desolate road 
wonder if it's warm at home 
i'd do anything to be there now 
i've been in this place before 
i don't think i wanna be here anymore 
i'd do anything to be with you now
if my thoughts fall through the ground 
and fill the earth with liquid sound 
tell me will that change the world 
i know if it starts once more
it'll drag our love 'cross the ocean floor 
tell me will that change the world 
fragile love i start to wonder
while we're here thoughts tend to wander 
fill this cup with cool wax and blue 
all this time we just want whats true 
fragile love i start to fall 
candles burn a memory of you love 
while we're her thoughts tend to wander 
all this time alone with our sorrow

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Tidal Confessions

waves crash on the sand
sound subsides into time
every breath towards the sea
I count the waves of you and me
the difference and the polarization
old silent trees tower above 
unaware of a dying flower 
ocean churns fragments of love
speaks obsolete power 
fallen thoughts steal breath and time 
waves carry tidal confessions
passionate winds 
patchouli and lime 
we fall through a sea of obsession
tidal confessions...